Uncle Pete never asked the Lord for anything, but one day he heard about this Oregon Lottery…
He began to think about it, and think about it… Then a couple of days later, he asked the Lord.
"You know Lord, I never asked you for anything, I've been going to church every Sunday,
praising you and thanking you for what I have, and I sure would like to win that lottery!"
Well, a couple of years went by and Uncle Pete still wanted to, and didn't win that Oregon Lottery.
One day while plowing a field he starts thinking about not winning the lottery, and get frustrated,
so he decides to ask the Lord why He won't help him to win the lottery.
He yelled up at the sky, "Lord, I never asked you for ana' thin' but ta' win that there Oregon Lottery,
and You never did help, well WHY?"
Then the clouds above began to part and in a booming voice he heard the Lord say,
"Pete, I'm gonna need some help on this, you have to buy a ticket first."

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