There was a position open for an accountant at this one large firm. They got the applicants down to 3 people.
The president was going to interview each one separately. He asked the first applicant in.
"I'm going to ask you just one question," says the president, "What's 2+2?"
Applicant #1 promptly answers "Four."
Thank you, we will get back to you," replied the president.
The second applicant comes in, same question "What's 2+2?"
Applicant #2 thinks this must be a trick question, thinks a little bit and says "Five."
The president replies, "Well, that's obviously wrong, don't call us, we'll call you."
The third applicant comes in, same question "What's 2+2?"
The third applicant looks around as if he's looking for someone else in the room and replies,
"What would you like it to be?"
The president exclaims, "YOU'RE MY MAN!"

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