When someone gives you something or when someone says your work is good or that you look good
Thank you / Thanks.
Here, have some gum. - Thanks.
Your report was really good. - Thank you. It took me ages to do.
Thank you very much. / Thanks very much.
That dress really suits you. - Thanks very much. I got it last.
Thank you is more formal than thanks. Don't say 'very thanks' or 'many thanks'.
When someone has done something for you or has offered to do something.
Thank you / Thanks.
Can I help you with those bags? - Oh, Thank you.
for doing something
Thanks for getting the tickets.
Thank you very much / Thanks very much
Thank you very much for all your help.
Thanks is more informal than thank you.
It's that's very kind of you.
If the meeting finishes late, I'll drive you back to town. - Thank you. That's very kind of you.
I really appreciate it.
Say this when someone has done a lot for you.
Thanks for helping out on Sunday. I really appreciate it.
When you are writing a letter to thank someone
Thank you for…
Thank you for the book you sent me for my birthday.
for doing something.
Thank you for feeding my cat while I was away.
Thank you very much for …
Thank you very much for the information about the art course.
Many thanks for …
Many thanks for the card and flowers.
What to say when someone thanks you for doing something or for giving them something
In American English you usually reply when someone thanks you for doing something or for giving them something. In British English people often do not reply but this is not rude.
That's OK.
Thanks for looking after the kids. - That's OK. I enjoyed having them.
You're welcome.
Thanks for letting me stay, Mrs. Parker. - Oh, you're welcome.
No problem
Thanks for coming with me. - No problem.
Don't mention it.
Thank you for all your help. - Don't mention it.
Thanks for the ride. - Sure.

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