A man accompanied a friend home for dinner one evening and noticed that as soon as they entered the door,
his friend kissed his wife and told her how pretty she looked.
After dinner, he complimented his wife on the food and kissed her again.
"Do you always do that?" asked the visitor when they were alone.
"You bet I do," answered the man. "It helps keep our marriage a happy one."
The visitor was greatly impressed and decided to use the same procedure with his own wife.
That night he swept her into his arms when he got home and kissed her warmly.
"Sweetheart," he said, "you look wonderful tonight, and I'm a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife."
His wife looked at him in amazement, then burst into tears.
"For Pete's sake," exclaimed the astonished man, "what's the matter?"
"What a day this has been!" his wife answered.
"First Johnny sprained his ankle, then the washing machine broke down and flooded the basement, and now come home drunk!"

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